Educator Training - Level 1


This program is for Eyelash Extension Professionals who have mastered their trade and are ready to share their passion with the world! 

So you're the type of girl who is always wanting to grow. You've built a successful Eyelash Extension business and become a master at your trade. Now you want to know whats next for you? Becoming and Eyelash Extension Educator is your next step! You have the opportunity to double or even triple your income just by offering one to two training courses a month.

This Educator Training will not only teach you how to design your curriculum, write your manual, develop an accredited program, but also how to brand your Academy, source products, price your course and deal with in-class scenarios that you absolutely CANNOT learn through a basic online course. 


What makes this program different than any other course out there? 

You will not only learn how to create the most comprehensive training manual, but also how to build a successful and profitable business right off the bat. You will learn trade secrets, insider tips, real life troubleshooting scenarios that can't be taught online, and other techniques to launch your training academy to the top!

You will learn how to license and register your business, what your insurance requirements are,  order your products and track your margins, customer communication, reputation management, and so much more! 

This is so much more than just an Educator training. This is a school business for entrepreneurs ready to GO BIG with their business.


Curriculum Includes

Manual Development

Save time and money by getting it right the first time!

We will teach you how to design and create a manual the RIGHT way. We will share with you what it takes to have that manual Accredited, the must have categories to include, and an in-depth advanced training on each of the subjects within it. 

Advanced Ingredient Training

Become an expert product and ingredient specialist with our indepth training of cyanoacrylates, Polybutylene terephthalate material, and other ingredients used in our industry so that you can help your students maximize their results and client retention. 

Classroom Scenarios and Troubleshooting

There are so many scenarios that arrive in a classroom situation. We will go over all of them and how you as a educator can approach them. 

We will teach you how to do live demonstrations, versatile techniques for struggling students, correction verbiage, and how to maintain an efficient and calm learning environment where students will leave happy and ready to recommend your academy to all of her friends! 


Application Techniques

Learn how to properly teach your students eyepad placement, various classic application techniques and verbiage associated with them, how to properly teach design and mapping, and more!


Student Certification

We will teach you what it takes to certify a student, verbiage to use when passing/failing a student, and provide a pass/fail checklist for each student as well as guidelines on what to look for when issuing your certificates.

Setting Boundaries with students and student communication post course. 

Building a Starter Kit

This alone will save you so much money! We will teach you insider information on creating your own lash line, how it works, the costs and pros and cons involved with wholesaling products to retail your clients. 

Where to source your products. What to include in your kit. Cost of building a kit

Business Development

How to properly price your courses, how to insure and register your business.

We will also show you what it takes to Accredit your program, the costs involved with all of this, and why or why not it may be a good fit for you. 

Earn a full time income working just 1 -2 weekends per month!

What would you do with an Extra 1000? 3000? or $6000 per month?

The Sky is the limit!
Eyelash Extension Educators are making incredible money running just one or two courses a month alongside their current lash business.

We will show you how! 


  • This is for women who are as passionate as we are about raising the standard of Education in this industry. 
  • For women who have a passion for empowering women and helping them to experience the same passion, freedom and empowerment that you have experienced through a career in this incredible industry

  • Professionals who mastered their trade 

  • Women who want to start teaching and/or open their own academy
  • Salon owners who are looking for additional income or current lash technicians who run a business from home
  • Ambitious Entrepreneurs whoAre ready to take their business to the NEXT level! 



  • Eyelash Extensions are the fastest growing trend in the beauty industry and there is a MASSIVE shortage of properly trained and certified educators
  • There is no better time to make a change than today.
  • If you have a passion for helping women
  • If you have a desire to earn more money
  • If you want to make a difference in the industry of Eyelash Extensions and in the world of the women you teach
  • If you want to learn how to provide the most in depth, high quality training to your students



Why are we giving away all of the secrets to our incredibly successful business? The truth? Because we are TIRED of watching what is going on in the Eyelash Extension Industry. 

The Lash Industry is not regulated. There are so many people in our industry doing it WRONG and we are on a mission to CHANGE that and we want you to join us! A rising tide raises all ships and TOGETHER we can change the standard of practice in Canada to create a wave of professionalism in the Eyelash Extension Industry that will TRANSFORM what this industry is about, what is acceptable, and what our standard of excellence is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this course more expensive than the other courses out there?

We truly believe that in life good things do not come easy and they do not come cheap. We also believe that you cannot truly learn how to troubleshoot and teach properly without hands on teaching and training. We want to be able to offer you the highest quality of training at the lowest possible price. There are no other courses that are offering to provide you with insider information that will literally save you thousands as you start your new career. No wasting money on bad batches of products, re-writing your manual many times, refunding students, and much more. 

We are taking all of the inside information that we have learned and offering to share it with you to set yourself up for success! 

Will I receive a certificate after this?

Yes you will. And we will teach you in depth the ins and outs of what it means to be certified, what it means to be accredited, and how to issue certificates to students. 

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

For Educator Training Level 1 you must currently be certified as an Eyelash Extension Professional in Classic Lash Extensions by a reputable company. Successful applicants will successfully be running their own lash business and have mastered their trade. The length of time it takes to "master" a trade can vary based on the amount of hours daily (working full-time, part time, etc) you are putting in which is why we don't require a certain number of years experience as a pre- requisite. Through the skills we teach you in this course your skill level as a Lash Artist is guaranteed to skyrocket just based off of the theory and application training alone. 

This is your opportunity to share with others the same passion, financial abundance and time freedom you have experienced as a Lash Profession and as an Entrepreneur! It's your chance to make a difference in someone else life while earning an incredible income for you and for your family!! What are you waiting for? Girl, It's your time! 

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3 Monthly Payments

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