7 Hot Tips To Help you Choose the Best Eyelash Extension Academy

eyelash extensions Mar 05, 2019
You've probably been doing your homework and realized that there are TONS of Lash programs out there. I know it can seem overwhelming when you're trying to pick one!

Each school has a different price, a different kit, a different curriculum and so many other things to consider! 

How do you know you're picking the best one?  It's a big decision! 

I wanted to send you this quick blog to help you when you're doing your research. 

Questions to ask:
1. What regulations and guidelines does the program follow?
Unfortunately the Eyelash Extension Industry is NOT regulated in Canada. This is the reason that you see so many people teaching lashes. Doing your homework and selecting a certified, accredited and licensed program is SO important when you're deciding where to invest your hard earn tuition dollars. If the program is not Accredited it means that your certificate will not be recognized by Salons or Beauty Supply Stores...
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