7 Hot Tips To Help you Choose the Best Eyelash Extension Academy

eyelash extensions Mar 05, 2019
You've probably been doing your homework and realized that there are TONS of Lash programs out there. I know it can seem overwhelming when you're trying to pick one!

Each school has a different price, a different kit, a different curriculum and so many other things to consider! 

How do you know you're picking the best one?  It's a big decision! 

I wanted to send you this quick blog to help you when you're doing your research. 

Questions to ask:
1. What regulations and guidelines does the program follow?
Unfortunately the Eyelash Extension Industry is NOT regulated in Canada. This is the reason that you see so many people teaching lashes. Doing your homework and selecting a certified, accredited and licensed program is SO important when you're deciding where to invest your hard earn tuition dollars. If the program is not Accredited it means that your certificate will not be recognized by Salons or Beauty Supply Stores and even some Insurance Agents. 

There is a program in Canada called National Alliance of Lash Artists (NALA) and they follow the Canadian Accreditation Regulations when it comes to providing guidelines for educational programs. Training courses in Canada that are accredited by NALA have a strict protocol to follow and are held to the absolute highest standards and are the most recognized in our country and globally. Make sure to ask which accreditations the education program has. Other bonuses are to check out if they are a part of the Better Business Bureau and if they are licensed and insured.

Fixe Beauty is fully Accredited by NALA and also as a bonus, also by the Better Business Bureau. We are also proud to say that we were just nominated as "Canada's Most Comprehensive Classic Eyelash Training Program"

2. What is the student to teacher ratio? 
In accordance with NALA and Canadian Accreditation Regulations there should never be more than 6 students for one instructor. Any more than that and the safety of your models and also the quality of your training is jeopardized.

At Fixe Beauty we take a maximum of 6 students per Educator. Typically our classes run about 2-4 students per class. 

3. What is included in your starter pack?
After you invest all this money into your training the last thing you want or can afford to do is have to run out and spend another few hundred dollars on supplies. Some courses may have lower prices but you'll end up spending the same, if not more when you have to go out and stock up on supplies anyways. Most courses that have start kits are able to offer you mega value at a wholesale rate and it ends up being cheaper for you to select a course that comes with a fully stocked starter kit.

At Fixe Beauty we include over $450 worth of product in your kit. We have designed the starter kits to have enough product in them that you will be able to earn back the entire amount of your tuition before you run out of product. 

4.How many hours of IN PERSON instruction does your course entail?
Make sure that you ask how many days that your course is and how many hours of theory are included. So many people are shocked to learn how much theory goes into lashing and it is not something that can be taught in a couple hours or even one day.

At Fixe, we offer online trading modules, 16 hours of in class instruction that includes 8 hours of live model application and unlimited ongoing support, full access to our educators and ongoing learning.  

5. How Many hours of SUPERVISED live model application do you get?There are so many different things that can arise with live models/clients and supervised LIVE model experience is so important so that you can leave your program feeling confident and knowing that your clients are in the best hands. NALA regulations require 8 + hours of supervised live model application.

Fixe Beauty PROUDLY follows ALL of NALA regulations. No cutting corners here!
6. What support do I have once I have completed my training? Learning lash extensions is not something that can be accomplished in just one or two days - so make sure to ask if the program includes online training and ongoing education and support with your teacher. This is so important.

Once you finish your Fixe Beauty Training you will be added to an exclusive Alumni group where you will be a part of our tribe and community. You will have unlimited access to all of our Educators and Alumni and we will be there to help you every step of the way! Because our classes are small you will also have ongoing support and contact with your personal Educator. We LOVE staying in touch with our students and helping them build their empire! 
7. Do you have a place where I can review testimonials or call past students for references?

Why not seek answers from unbiased people. Check out testimonials and reviews online and don't be afraid to ask for student references. People who excel at their trade are people who are trained by the absolute best in their field so don't be afraid to take the time to ask questions and to do your homework so you make sure you are off to the absolute best start in your lashing career!!

Our graduates are so proud to say they trained with us! Check out our reviews here

Here at FIXE we are so proud of the QUALITY that we provide to all of our students. From our comprehensive manuals that are always being updated to stay current with our ever-changing industry, our incredible mentorship and on-going support, fully stocked starter packs, and affordable tuition we are proud to say that we are UNMATCHED in Canada with the quality of training we provide.

We hope this helped you in making your decision!

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